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Transmission Repair & Service


  • Transmission Repairs - Automatic and Manual

  • Transmission Diagnostics - External and Computer

  • Clutch Repairs

  • Motor Home Transmission Repair

  • Differential Repair

  • Transfer Case Repairs

  • 4 Wheel Drive Service and Repairs (4 x 4's)

  • Transmission Fluid Service


General Car Care and Repairs


  • Most General Automotive Repair Work, including Computer Diagnostics

  • Alignment Service

  • Auto Glass Repair and Replacement

  • Battery Maintenance and Replacement

  • Brake Inspections, Service and Repairs

  • Cooling and Radiator Maintenance and Repairs

  • Engine Service and Repair

  • Fuel Filter Replacement

  • Head Gaskets

  • Hose and Belt Replacements

  • Oil, Lube and Filter Service

  • Recommended "Factory" Tune-Ups and Maintenance

  • Timing Belt Replacements

  • Tires Replacement, Installation, Services

  • Shocks and Strut Repairs 


Auto manufacturers know that a well-maintained car, truck or SUV increases the owner's satisfaction because the vehicle is more dependable and will last longer without the need for repair. That's why the manufacturer ("factory") creates detailed maintenance schedules.


You should always consult your owner's manual as many manuals recommend that you service your vehicle more frequently if you drive in "severe" conditions. Any of the following qualify as severe conditions: driving in stop-and-go traffic, frequent short trips, extreme hot or cold conditions/temperatures, towing and hauling, driving at prolonged high speeds, frequent start-ups and shut-downs of the ignition, extensive idling, or driving in mountainous terrain.


To avoid transmission problems, the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association (ATRA) advises in its consumer bulletins that customers should know driving their auto, truck or SUV under "severe" conditions as listed in the Owner's Manual can cause extra wear and tear on the transmission. For instance, relatively low mileage transmissions that are regularly used in city or stop and go conditions are subject to much higher wear than transmissions of the same mileage that are used under normal or primarily highway conditions. It is important to note that it is not necessarily the mileage on a transmission which determines probable wear and a greater probability of your auto, truck or SUV needing a transmission repair. Rather, it is the number of times the transmission has been run through its start-up and shift cycles that determine probable wear.


Many other normal driving conditions can affect transmission life and a higher incidence of repair. Things like extreme climate conditions (either cold or hot), mountainous driving, motoring problems which are associated with snow or ice and slippery conditions (and a host of other conditions) can take their toll and cause more frequent need for repair.


If you sometimes operate your vehicle under more extreme conditions, servicing your transmission yearly seems to be an industry average. Under the most extreme conditions, it may be advisable to service your transmission even more often, and you may also want to install an external transmission cooler for additional protection.

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